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Jet - Bad service

No resolution
Eunicia Moloto
Eunicia Moloto filed the complaint
8 February 2022
I bought a phone at Jet Campus square center on the 15/12/2021. the phone stopped charging the 2 week. I took the phone back at Jet Campus square for repairs on the 03/01/2022. I was told that i will receive the phone within 2 to 3 weeks. its been a month now. Friday th 04/02/2022, I went there again. they had no clue and did not not even do a follow up. Monday(07/02/2022), went back again, they had no clue where the phone was until i mentioned that i am going to log a complaint. I was called and told that the phone is at cresta mall and she also mentioned that they do not know how they will get the phone. i went at voda care(cresta mall) myself. i was told that they have not received the phone from the repairs. my question is? do jet train their people? do they know customer service? do they know that customer's queries need to followed up? do they know about giving customers feedback. i am so annoyed because i took the phone at campus, the worsed jet stores ever and the staff have no service at all. but now i have to fetch the phone at cresta mall. i am stll waiting for my phone and right now i am fuming. i feel i am going to make their lives a living in hell. Jet campus square have no customer service. they have left a bad bad taste in my mouth and i wouldn't recommend that store to anyone. all i want is my money back. the service is horrible
Incident date: 8 February 2022
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