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Jet - Account up to date - debt collectors hounding me

Jacqueline Langton
Jacqueline Langton filed the complaint
29 March 2021
I was under administration and was finally able to pay off my debt in November / December 2019. My administration lawyers made payments to all relevant parties, and they sent proof of payments as well as the 4 U clearance certificate to them to show payment was made.

In October 2020, VVM started to contact me claiming that i owe Jets R196.72, i sent them all the relevant documents from my lawyers, I sent this via email and whatsapp. They would contact me on a weekly basis, never responded to my mails. On the 15th of October i received another mail requesting payment on my account for R352.70. I responded to the mail with all the previous mails, they told me that they require a certified Affidavit stating your dispute in full and a certified ID copy with 6 specimen signatures.

I advised them that i do not have the ID document for William's and that i cannot recall how to sign the William's signature.

When i contacted them on whatsapp i was advised that my 4U Clearance certificate signed by the court and my proof of payment.

My name has been cleared for 16 months and i am still been hounded.
Incident date: 29 March 2021
Jacqueline Langton
31 May 2021
Still no response from Edcon /jets
Jacqueline Langton
Jacqueline Langton rated the brand
14 June 2021

They never ever responded

This complaint was considered resolved.
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