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Jet - Account scam

No resolution
Winnie Mdluli
Winnie Mdluli filed the complaint
11 May 2022
I have an account with Jet Stores which I’ve been using for more than 10 years. Recently when reviewing my account statements I realised that I’ve also been paying insurance policies that I never agreed to join nor did I sign for any of them. I never gave anyone consent that I want to take the policies nor was I consulted about them. As a result I’m now paying high instalments and my account is not decreasing whenever I make payments. That is because of these unknown insurance policies.

I did make an enquiry in one of their retail stores and they told me they are going to cancel the insurance policies which they did not. I was also told to contact one of those insurance companies to cancel the policy of which I did however they informed me that there will be no refund. In addition to that my account still remains the same. I even stopped paying because I do not see any difference. The consultants of the company keep threatening to blacklist me because of my non-payments which I find unfair since they assigned me insurance policies without my consent. Now they've sent their attorneys to me to harass me which is extremely unfair.

When you contact them to complain it goes nowhere. When you go directly to complain in their retail store nothing happens. Instead they continue to harass me to pay for their insurance policies by force. They do not want to reimburse me for payments to their scam instead they want force me to pay more for their illegal activities.

This complaint has a private attachment.
Incident date: 11 May 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.

I am also in the same boat. Got a rude call just the other day. Now I am struggling to pay it off to close the account as I do not want to even shop at their shops anymore. Customer service is absolutely horrifyingly unprofessional.