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Intercity Xpress - Unprofessional service, compliance and assistance

No resolution
Juanita filed the complaint
15 April 2022
Reason for complaint.
1. Bus from Margate was not a Intercity bus and standerds was not what intercity express offer.
2. Bus broke down on highway and had to take a taxi to Durban bus station to get the right bus.
Getting on to the new bus i booked 2 seats and was only offered 1 due to over booking.
3. Again bus broke down for not being checked machine wise.
Being delaid again and making my arrival time 3 hours late.

Please get in contact with me A. S. A.P as I insist on the payback of my second ticket, as my child was sitting on my lap the whole trip.

Thank you
072 197 9662
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Incident date: 15 April 2022
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