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Intercity Xpress - Refund

No resolution
Pearl filed the complaint
7 August 2022
I am so mad and disappointed, I booked a bus from Or Tambo international Airport to Pietermaritzburg for the 5th 20h15. We waited there till 22h50 there was no communication to us nothing was said to us, from 20h15 till 23h11 I wasn't feeling well because of sitting on a cold area. I tried calling and the msg that I got was that everyone had knocked off whilst we sitting there and wondering if the bus is coming or not. I left at 23h00 went back to my place because it was pointless for me to continue wait for something that I didn't know if it was still coming or not, I had to cancel my plans too ????immediately I sent an email notifying intercity express customer service that I'm going back and I need my money back as I won't be traveling, I even now I haven't head from them if we passengers run late the bus don't wait for us and now intercity express is at wrong and they're not taking the responsibility. I want my money back this is totally wrong, poor service, disgusting.
staff also need to get customer service.

I want my money back!!!!!! And I'm not using this bus again.
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Incident date: 7 August 2022
22 August 2022
This is disgusting, I never experienced such poor service in my life ??
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