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Intercape - Social distancing

No resolution
Remona Liza Smith
Remona Smith filed the complaint
7 August 2021
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Evening I would just like to inform you that I came down to Worcester from Bloemfontein because my elderly mom is ill, on Wednesday with Intercape, and we were told that there will be social distancing on the bus and that it would run at 50% capacity, and we would have to fill in a form and we wouls bw screened etc etc. Unfortunately non of that happened, bus was packed with people, was never screened nor was I asked to fill in any form, at no point of time was there any 1.5m social distancing and on top of it all the whole bus smelled like urine. We also never saw the stewardess. I am not sure if you are aware of this or if this is the way you meant to operate? I am not very happy about this, I have been using your service for many years and this situation is not acceptible. Please come back to me as soon as you can. Thank you .
Incident date: 7 August 2021
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