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Intercape - Poor service

No resolution
Charmaine filed the complaint
22 June 2022
Driver was not helpful and rude,also assistant seemed to be under the influence of alcohol,wants to provoke clients and insult in his language also obscene languages was used.its actually abuse the assistant was going to assualt my husband cos when he asked him who did send him to him with the bags,so my husband pointed out to the driver to say it was him who had sent him he was going to assault my husband for pointing out to him, .there was no sense of order.the bus was leaving at 8.45 and we arrived at 8.10 The driver made mention that we were late n he's giving us 4 min to get into the bus,the passengers were elderly people and sickly people.It was a couple that took this bus back to Durban.Weapologized but still got the 3rd degree from them.Its unacceptable, 1st time and the experience was so scarey for me to leave my family members in the hands of these 2 uncaring unsympathetic men that didn't once think before they spoke made my family tensed, please can a consultant or manager call me if you need more details about this incident
Incident date: 21 June 2022
6 July 2022
No response,still waiting for response.thanks
21 July 2022
Ridiculous, no response from anyone as yet.
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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