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Intercape - Poor customer management by driver, unhygienic toil facilities

No resolution
Casper sulo
Casper sulo filed the complaint
3 September 2021
On Friday the 3rd September between 00:00 to 01:00 I felt my stomach was running so i waitited for the bus to stop on the next bus stop. At Bofortwest at the Engine garage I kindly asked the drive to go to the toilet as i couldn't hold it anymore and the pain.

To my surprise the driver threatened to leave me if i go to the toilet. I stood there confused but i decided to got the bus. After a while i went to the bus toilet and i found it in a worse condition i ever seen.

I called the office in Cape Town for assistance to which they assisted me. The bus stopped in the middle of no where and the driver embarrassed me in front of all customers. When I ask for his assistance once again he threaten me. Not only was he abusive he wanted to be physical.

In my five years using this bus i have never felt abused and embarrassed.
Incident date: 3 September 2021
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