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Intercape - Driver refused to drop me off at the drop point that is specified in my ticket

No resolution
Sibulele filed the complaint
20 October 2021
I bought a ticket, for an intercape bus departing from Umtata station to Bellville.
I was one of the first five people to arrive at the bus and as a result my bag was placed underneath all the other bags because I had arrived early but that is not the point. My point is when the bus arrived at the Bellville station were I was supposed to be dropped off, the driver allegedly told me that he is not going to take out any bags that are not on top so he just said I should go to the Cape Town station if I want my bag. That is a very huge inconvenience for me because I did not plan and have the money to travel from Cape Town to Belliville for I requested the ticket to Bellville for a reason. The driver was very rude, he wasn’t even polite considering the fact that it is not my fault that my bag was placed underneath for we do not pack our suitcases for ourselves. I had to pay a whole R250 for an Uber to Bellville because of the inconvenience that he caused.
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Incident date: 20 October 2021
Sibulele rated the brand
8 December 2021

They didn’t take the complaint seriously for the fact that there was no resolution nor an apology to what happened.

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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