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Identity clothing - Rude and inappropriate address by identity call center agent and unfair handing over of my account to the lawyers

No resolution
Nompilo Mncadi
Nompilo Mncadi filed the complaint
12 December 2023
I have been notified that my account has now been sent to the Identity Clothing lawyers, by the identity call center agent on the 12/12/2023, however from my understanding I was given a 6 month plan to pay what I owe, of which that plan ends in February 2024 from the day that I purchased sheer black stockings and sunglasses, in August of 2023, to be exact. I do not understand the constant telephonic harassments from Identity clothing after so many times of informing them that I will pay when I have available funds.

I told the call center agent today and she responded in a very rude tone, saying, and I quote "Why did you open an account with us if you know you cannot afford it?" I proceeded to ask her if this is how she speaks to a customer and she said, "No." I then requested she give me her name and she refused and told me I have to pay either way. This telephonic communication took place at 15:58 CAT on 12/12/2023, on the following number: +27872604399. In closing of this telephonic communication I told her that will be taking this matter further with Identity because I need to understand what this 6 month plan stands for and why has my account of R100+ been sent to the lawyers. She responded by hanging up on me.

Your speedy response on this matter will be appreciated
Incident date: 12 December 2023
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