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Identity clothing - Purchase of shoes from identity clothing

No resolution
Narrina filed the complaint
15 January 2024
Hi. I need to make a complaint about the quality of shoes which was purchased at Newcastle Identity Store on Allen Street. It was purchased on 26th October 2023 for an amount of R350 cash by my 17 year old son. We are now in January and the shoes has completely opened on both pairs. This first happened during December and he was still using the shoes as it was slightly opened and I co ldnt do anything about it, as he lost the slip. As he carried on using this shoes, it is completely open. This happened within 3 months. Make no mistake the original price of the shoes is r 650. The terrible state of the shoe is such bad quality and Identity Clothing is ripping ppl off with this type of quality. I cannot believe it. It brings such distaste to a child of 17 that he used his hard earned money only to be ripped off by this retail store. He loves Identity clothing and bought this shoe thinking it wud last him and only to be disappointed by the quality. The sole is empty. When he wears it, u can actually feel an empty plastic ru berry sole making a noise. Disgusting and embarrassing. I'd like our money returned back pls. The slip is lost and can be traced in your store by a cash sale and the date being the 26 October 2023 as proof of purchase. Unfortunately his 17 years old and didnot realiser that he could take this up and therefore he did not keep the slip.
Incident date: 12 January 2024
Narrina rated the brand
4 March 2024

pathetic. Did not want to give my refund back. The slip was lost by my son. the quality of the shoe is terrible. they cannot find the copy of the slip in the shop, which i think the cash has been stolen and the slip cannot be find. They have not record of anything of this purchase even with the style number and details form the box. i think they should look at the camera footage of the purchase . but they refused and asked me totake something for the same price.

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