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HiSense - No after sales service

No resolution
Nathan Momsen
Nathan Momsen filed the complaint
22 July 2022
I recently purchased a Air Fryer from Takealot , it is a Hisense 28L air fryer, my order number was Order #110193706.
The manual i received was not very clear, written in very small font, and not clearly giving instructions on how to use the device.

As seen in the pictures, it caused the crumb tray to be scorched.
I emailed them on Monday, i still did not hear from them
Incident date: 22 July 2022
Nathan Momsen
19 August 2022
There is no after sales service with Hisense, i thought they would have fixed this problem, i used to purchase Hisense cell phones and for the same reason stopped buying these, if there is no after sales service, you end up spending more money on the product.
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