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Greyhound - Refund from greyhound

No resolution
THEMBEKILE NDONGENI filed the complaint
21 November 2023
I cancelled bus booking ticket and requested refund since April 2023. I have been sending an email every second day since April and got my attorney to send letter of demand but my mails continue to be ignored and not attended too. I have not received my refund since then. I send regular emails and no one responds to my emails. I approached the small claims court because I want to deliver the summons to them but no one is responding to my mails regarding their registered business address. This is VERY disrespectful and unprofessional as a company towards me as a customer. No one wants to escalate the matter or intends on returning my refund. The company should have remain closed because they do not know how to treat their customers and don't respect the law and the courts as well as basic customer service. I'm annoyed and tired of having to send fruitless emails every second day and get no resolution or respond.

I will complain on every platform until I am heard and report to all relevant legal bodies regarding this breach of contract of their terms and conditions.
Incident date: 25 April 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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