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Greyhound - Bus did not pitch

No resolution
Puleng Liphepha
Puleng Liphepha filed the complaint
14 August 2023
I booked a bus for Saturday 17:25 midrand to Aliwal North. Quarter to 5 I was at Big bird. I waited till 6. I called and I was told it is 28mins away. An hour later I called and they told me I should have took Citiliner. I don't know if I should have prophesied that information or what. I have been calling and emailing, instead of getting help agent's get rude and hang-up, no response to my emails. I don't want to re-book, I took a taxi. All I want is my money back qha.
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Incident date: 14 August 2023
Puleng Liphepha
28 August 2023
I have not heard anything from them and they are ignoring my emails.
Puleng Liphepha
11 September 2023
I'm still waiting to this day
Puleng Liphepha
Puleng Liphepha rated the brand
12 October 2023

It's an incompetent company that will close down again

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