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GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World - Denied big win

No resolution
Shayna filed the complaint
2 February 2022
I had won big win on the slot machine 777 the machine had hit he tripple777 which was lit up in bright yellow and the machine started making a sound n lights were flickering on the machine that's when out o the blue a mechanic came n opened the machine and then the one seven was no longer lit an slightly moved Abit off cantre from the rest of the sevens then all of a sudden I look around and three more casino managers of the sort stood there n told me I haven't won anything...but I saw my win and I saw theachin said big win thats the time they arrived on the scene and tampered with the machine to make it look like I haven't won anything although I knew I had won big and so did the three people who stood there lying to me...I had three witnesses beside me who saw my big win and how they denied me my win my future could have been better if I was given what was rightfully mine the machine had called them to pay me but they instead lied to me I want to take further action I'm not happy with this been on my mind ever since that day...not knowing what my future would have been like If I was given the chance to get what I had won...
Incident date: 1 November 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.

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