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Game - Collection of fualty smart tv

No resolution
Thozama filed the complaint
1 December 2023
I logged a fault with Game for a Hisense smart TV (Hisense 127 cm(50') SMART TV UHD TV 50A6H) that I purchased in November 2022 on the 7 October 2023 with Game- they referred Hisense and they told me that the TV needs a new screen however Hisense does not have screens available. They applied for Credit note and it was approve on the 30 October 2023.

My problem now is that Game is not able to schedule the collection for me due to not having a box to place the smart TV in. They can only schedule the collection once I get the TV packaged in a box.

My question is if the TV was purchased over a year ago - where am I suppose to get the box from. I told them I don't have a box. This means now that I will never get my TV back because of the fact that I don't have a box to put the TV in for them to collect and give me a replacement item.

Please can you help me get my Smart TV replacement item back.
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Incident date: 7 October 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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