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Foschini - Refund or exchange

No resolution
Nothando Ndlovu
Nothando Ndlovu filed the complaint
5 August 2023
On the 17 of July2023 I bought a an iphone8.when I get at home I discover that the phone battery is running low so fast it doesn't even last 2hours.on the 19 of july 2023 i went back in-store itold them .they did check n see that it having a problem serious cos they charged it fully they ask me to use it so that they can see what happening.ask them to do exchange but they refuse.they is nothing they can do.on the 23 the wasn't charging at all,I went back in-store again itold them.they said they will take it to the technicians they will fixed it and bring it back to me.i did told them that I don't want that phone anymore cos I did bought a new phone but they gave me the broken one.their problem it mine now.

Warranty means nothing to them.what is annoying is that I did report early but they didn't take me seriously. What am going to do with fixed phone, it would last for how long.i'm paying my money for this phone.

Even their manager is useless.they don't know how to treat customer.
Incident date: 5 August 2023
Nothando Ndlovu
Nothando Ndlovu rated the brand
24 September 2023

They don't care about their customers.Chatsworth staff they taking advantage of blacks.

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