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Footgear - Violation of consumer right

No resolution
Lee filed the complaint
9 August 2023
As I got to the shop there were several promo deals being advertised in store on the boxes of shoes. Having seen that i wanted to get the deal on offer... 50% off 3 pair deal. However the shop attendants and the till operators informed me the deals had ended the weekend, this was Tuesday already and the deal indicators were there. I tried to say as a consumer I had the right to get the shoes at the marked prices. They refused and immediately started removing the stickers from the boxes. This was misleading advertising as it was indeed eye catching..... 3pair deal, get 50% off.
Is this right?????
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Incident date: 8 August 2023
Lee rated the brand
8 November 2023

I have not received a resolution or proper feedback regarding my complaint so definitely I am not happy nor satisfied about nothing. Someone needs to talk to me and tell me what is the outcome. This is not right. Linda

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