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Fly Safair - Inapropriate information about banned luggae leadt to extra costs

No resolution
Bart Spaltman
Bart Spaltman filed the complaint
8 January 2022
I flew with flysafair from capetown to Port Elizabeth on sept. 7th at 12:00 hrs , flight FAO 130.
I took two bags of luggage with me that already travelled from Amsterdan to Capetown the previous day.
On arrival at Capetown airport I checked in my luggage. I was sent to the oversized luggage department with my extra bag. They scanned my luggage and discovered that there were two shock absorbers for my SA car in this bag, together with other personal belongings.
Then I was told that I could not take my bag with me to Port Elizabeth because there were car parts in my bag.
Because my flight was leaving soon I arranged a taxi driver to send my bag to PE with Airlink Cargo.
My point is, confirmed by your customer service, that there was no way of knowing that I could not take car parts with me, unless I would have called you and asked explicitly. My statement is that I could not have known about this in a reasonable way. Even more so because my bags already traveled with KLM airlines from Amterdam to Capetown without any trouble. So I am asking for a refund of my extra costs.
I paid ZAR 3000 to the taxi driver for his services, ZAR 1100 for the shipment with Airlink Cargo, ZAR 400 for transport to PE and ZAR 450 for an extra night accomodation, all together ZAR 4950.
Incident date: 7 September 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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