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FirstRand Life Assurance Ltd - Life cover for home loan not paid in full despite the account being debited monthly to date

No resolution
Catherine Ngwane
Catherine Ngwane filed the complaint
28 April 2021
My husband took a Life cover policy for Home Loan which was supposed to have ended in June 2019 at 65 years. My husband tried many time to cancel the debit order but to no avail, Instead he received a letter from the insurer, after turning 65, confirming commitment to giving best service. Now that he past away, and i want to claim for the cover, I receive a message today, 28 April 2021, citing incorrect debit of the Home loan. This so called incorrect debit is over 20 months. I tried to call the insurer, but I am moved from pillar to post. I have given this company my loyal support over 30 years and am very disappointed by their service during the most trying times of my life. The money they debited over 20 months could have been invested somewhere for a better return.
Incident date: 28 April 2021
Catherine Ngwane
Catherine Ngwane rated the brand
17 September 2021

I feel that they take advantage of people and situations to make as much money for themselves as possible.

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.

The issue is not amicably resolved. I still feel there was a misrepresentation by the company and I feel I was robbed.