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First National Bank - Fnb paypal withdrawal

No resolution
Sharleen filed the complaint
16 December 2021
I withdrew from my PayPal account through FNB into my CAPITEC account on December 10th.

The turn around time is 3 working days and so this payment was meant to reflect on Tuesday the 14th.

I was informed, after I inquired, not through any email, notification or alert by either PayPal or FNB that all withdrawals that occured on the 10th December 2021 where put on hold, HOWEVER this was resolved and I would receive my payment on the 15th.

I contacted the PayPal helpdesk numerous times on the 15th to be told that the payment would occur then.

Ironically at 17:00 their helpdesk number suddenly suffered from technicalities and we would have to try them later. At 17:22 when I was being transferred from an FNB Premier banker to the helpdesk she failed to transfer me, dialled a code, i told her I don't think you transferred me correctly and she hung up.

When I checked online, it suddenly showed at 18:00 that the payment was Complete, but still no money in account.

Also at around 16:00 I was also informed by another helpdesk Consultant that the status on my payment had changed from pending to next level at a few minutes after 13:00. And that it usually takes about 2 hours for it to complete after changing to next level...

This all sounds like something went wrong, the problem has not been resolved. It's a public holiday today so they aren't working, people may only receive their money on Friday. They were buying time.

I as a result have been locked out of my place because this payment was for my rental and it just sounded like I was spinning yarn.

Worst kind of behaviour.

Was told that I would receive a call from another agent after she spoke with her manager. Did not receive the call.

Am livid.
Incident date: 16 December 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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