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Fabiani - Bad customer service experience

No resolution
Ranwill September
Ranwill September filed the complaint
27 December 2021
Me and wife visited your store at Nelso Mandela Square. We entered the store and the attendees were having a jokingly conversation not greeting us or offering us any assistance. Never have we experienced this bad customer service at any of the previous Fabiani stores we visited previously. We received impeccable service from your team at the V&A Waterfront and Cape Town and did not hesitate to buy a few things. Even at East gate Shopping Centre.
But due to the fact that we were in that store for 5 minutes and no one offered us any assistance we left.
Incident date: 27 December 2021
Ranwill September
10 January 2022
And still the bad service is continuing. Still no feedback. Waiting for response.
Ranwill September
7 February 2022
Good day,

My Complain is still not resolved at all.
This is really bad customer service from Fabiani, I am so disappoint in this brand
Ranwill September
7 March 2022
The way my complaint has been handling since the beginning up to now.
Its pathetic, I am happier now with another brand I am using.
Ranwill September
Ranwill September rated the brand
25 April 2022

Good day Thabo, You know this incident happened more than 4 months ago. I accept your apology but to compensate me with a discount is unacceptable, but I understand that's your policy. I will not use this brand anymore, as I expected professionalism with Fabiani. - Very disappointed how this case is handled. I am supporting a new brand now and you know what they deliver and even made a huge effort to make my birthday special 23/02/2022. My complaint was not resolved at all. Regards Ranwill

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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