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Exact - Refund

No resolution
Zoliswa Stemele
Zoliswa Stemele filed the complaint
9 November 2021
On the 30th of October i bought shoes at Exact golden acre cape town and i paid with my bank card. payment went through and their printer did not work. i was told that i cant get the shoes that i bought because there was not slip. they told me to bring bank statement to prove the there was a transaction and brought it today the 9th November and i still did not get my refund as they did not give me the shoes. i am very disappointed with the service the way they treated me. I use money to travel to the city centre and i just lost my job to waste the little i have going to exact 5days a week.
Incident date: 30 October 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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