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Exact - Poor customer service

No resolution
Ramokone filed the complaint
22 December 2021
I went to Axact store Limpopo Mall today to do exchange of clothing that were bought at Axact store Gauteng by baby daddy were send to Polokwane without a receipt by the sender. The size were small and when I went to Axact Limpopo they are saying I cannot change them without the receipt, I can only do exchange without a receipt at the store the clothes were bought from, like seriously. And they telling me this after waiting 20 minutes or more since there is no one at the entrance telling us what is needed to make an exchange and that they only have one person who do exchange and she's at the bathroom at that time. I'm not happy at all with the service now I have the child clothes and I have to wait I don't know when to send them back to Gauteng.
Incident date: 22 December 2021
Ramokone rated the brand
16 March 2022

No respond/ update as to how far my complaint is even now they just say complaint finished don't even understand what it means

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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