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eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality - Correcting a billing error

Nicholas Lovell-Greene
Nicholas Lovell-Greene filed the complaint
16 May 2022
In 2018 the municipality billed me for an additional electricity meter in error approximately 4 times. I reported the error at the time. The supervisor N. Zulu at the Hillcrest office investigated and acknowledged it was a billing error, put a note against my account to this effect, and apparently mailed the appropriate department to pass a credit.
I have now followed up about 6 times over the past 4 years and get no resolution to the problem.
I have since mailed a variety of people made numerous calls and get no positive response.
Incident date: 16 May 2022
Nicholas Lovell-Greene
28 June 2022
This is now becoming tiresome. This complaint has elicited no response and once again one wonders what municipal management hope to achieve by offering a complaints portal and not responding to the complaints lodged on that portal.

Perhaps someone reading this has some sense of civic service and will respond. I will not hold my breath.
Nicholas Lovell-Greene
26 July 2022
This complaint has attracted no response for some 2 months. I guess like everything local government, service is a word that does not exist.
Nicholas Lovell-Greene
11 August 2022
I've lost the plot.
I have sent 34 mails to 27 different people during the course of this complaint. From local to central offices, supervisors to managers mailed, not once have I received a response that indicates someone is interested in resolving it. In all cases I have received push back that the person is not in the right department, not responsible for such matters (can even spell responsible) or cannot help. Not once did I get anyone suggesting a solution.
This portal resulted in zero response for the municipality.

Happy to make demands but not able to get the basics right - go figure the mentality
Nicholas Lovell-Greene
Nicholas Lovell-Greene rated the brand
26 August 2022

No response from the municipality at all through this channel. I suspect the municipality does not even read complaints from this channel although they list it on their website. Had to resort to the Municipal Ombudsman for any response and even they provided a poor service. What's new in anything associated with the ANC who view service as a foreign concept and government employees who view service as work, also a foreign concept.

This complaint was considered resolved.
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