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eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality

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eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality - Correcting a billing error

Awaiting reply
Nicholas Lovell-Greene filed the complaint

In 2018 the municipality billed me for an additional electricity meter in error approximately 4 times. I reported the error at the time. The supervisor N. Zulu at the Hillcrest office investigated and acknowledged it was a billing error, put a note against my account to this effect, and apparently mailed the appropriate department to pass a credit.
I have now followed up about 6 times over the past 4 years and get no resolution to the problem.
I have since mailed a variety of people made numerous calls and get no positive response.
28 Jun 2022
Nicholas Lovell-Greene added an answer

This is now becoming tiresome. This complaint has elicited no response and once again one wonders what municipal management hope to achieve by offering a complaints portal and not responding to the complaints lodged on that portal.

Perhaps someone reading this has some sense of civic service and will respond. I will not hold my breath.

Nicholas Lovell-Greene is awaiting brand resolution

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