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Eskom - Frustrated

No resolution
William filed the complaint
8 March 2024
I am very unhappy with eskom. Last year neat the end of the year eakom held a door to door audit on all/most of our electricty meters to check if all were still inteck. Their own technical team did the audit and all was good and they sealed the meter box with their own locks. About a month ago I log a complaint via alfret eskom that my electricity is off after loadshedding that day. They reply there is no need to file a complaint because they must come do a audit and my meter were on their list. Their technical team will come after ten days... They did not come after a month went by, that they show up today... Now they tell me they will have to remove my box because of issues they saw inside, but their own technical team did whatever they saw ... Now I want to know why I must buy a new box if eskom technical team created this mess
Incident date: 8 March 2024
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