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Eskom - Faulty electricity

No resolution
Boitumelo Makakaba
Boitumelo Makakaba filed the complaint
18 June 2022
Since last week we have been facing faulty electricity in our area other sections have lights and the other section does not so now we are living in a dark we tried to call Eskom but the was no answer so we can't live in a dark while we buy electricity so we cannot be tried like this we don't owne Eskom anything but we receive poor service, so as a residenti require to have lights cause everything is at stop we can't do anything we can't cook or bath because of your inconsistency so please come today to fix this cause we can't while others have light and we don't
Please respond to my complaint
Thank you
Mabopane resident
Incident date: 17 June 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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