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Eskom - 522527131 resolved but no one helped 524335749 new reference

No resolution
Palesa filed the complaint
23 May 2022
Good day

Please assist, I have called on the 16th as per reference provided of 522527131 and I was advised a technician will be sent on the very same day but that never happened and called again the following day still no technician come and the ones that drive by and we ask them for help they ask us to pay a fee of R1000 for them to help us yet we pay for electricity so this is a service we get from eskom as poor community, I main I could just bridge the electricity cos the same technicians you hire do offer us that at a fee of R800 but no I decided I want to set a good example what's the point of doing the right thing if I still don't get services I pay for from ESKOM. IF by today servoce if not provided I will join the rest of soweto and bridge electricity. Thank you
Incident date: 23 May 2022
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