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Engen - Petrol attended did not helped me and they ordered me to leave

No resolution
Zakhele Handsome Gwala
Zakhele Gwala filed the complaint
28 January 2022
I have experienced severe bad service at Engen (SkyCity) which is in Gauteng, Alberton near the SkyCity Mall. I was rushing to the hospital with my wife who is heavily pregnant, and we need to fill up at the petrol station. There was a queue of which we understood, as a result, we also join the queue waiting to be served. While waiting a lady came and jumped us on the queue and I requested the petrol attendant to move that lady because she had jumped us. Petrol attend replied "You are mad, that won't happen to go to that bouse it's now open" I was very upset with this response as I reported to this petrol attended because I thought he was in a good position to solve the problem instead he said I mad that won't happen. I reported this to the second in charge person who also concurred with this petrol attended that I must not be served because I have also insulted this guy. I left out without feeling up and stuck on the road while searching for the nearest feeling station. The most tragic issue is that unfortunately my wife experienced very serious pain and I had to call for an ambulance to help me out. I do not know the status of her life; I am afraid I may lose her life or the unborn child. Where was my rights as a client in the whole story as I have presented? AT Engen the customer is not always, right? If I was wrong, why was I not dealt with properly without having to comprise the life of my wife and my child? NB My wife even came out of the car to ask them if they can please help us feel up the car, but they refused. Please help me address this.
Incident date: 28 January 2022
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