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Engen - Engen bloemfontein north soul 600am

No resolution
Karabo J Mokaba
Karabo Mokaba filed the complaint
4 November 2023
Driver arrived in Nissan NP200 JGB445NW.

Stations pumps were occupied and two users were not able to assist me at the station. I proceeded to review my boot.

Upon sitting for about 3-5 minutes waiting to fil my tank,the user/pump attendant Names Trainee SOUL came to the pump and filled a car which arrived after me.It was a blue haval.

I approached him and notes that I was first.He proceeded to walk away and note that I was not correct.

I further noted it is incorrect for him to service a vehicle that arrived before me.

He proceeded to be unreasonable and validate filling the other car.

I approached the manager in the shop. And asked for the dealer number to no avail.

I paid for my fuel and waited for the managers number to no avail together with the owners number.

I noted in frustration that they cannot treat me the way they did.

I am disappointed and will never use another Engen station going forward.

Attendants name is Soul Mutlanyane
Manager was Mada 0725372693

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Incident date: 4 November 2023
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