Emperor's Palace Hotel, Casino and Convention resort
Emperor's Palace Hotel, Casino and Convention resort
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Emperor's Palace Hotel, Casino and Convention resort - Very bad payouts

No resolution
Mike Roetz
Mike Roetz filed the complaint
22 April 2024
The casinos payouts is dropping day by day. We used to take R2000 and if not winning at least you would stay busy for the knight. You now wait ages to get a feature and the payouts in a feature is minimal compared to what it used to be. They are currently robbing people blind. I've been a patron of this casino since it started and can clearly see the daily decline in payouts.

last year I was not even offered a one night stay for my birthday. If you dot have a black card you don't have anyplace to complain. If they offer you freeplay it is minimal. Losing 30 000 in a month get rewarded with R500 freeplay if you are lucky.

This used to be fun. Now it is throwing money in the water
Incident date: 22 April 2024
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