Emperor's Palace Hotel, Casino and Convention resort
Emperor's Palace Hotel, Casino and Convention resort
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Emperor's Palace Hotel, Casino and Convention resort - Horrible service

No resolution
Jaime-Lee filed the complaint
16 December 2023
Good day

We spent R300 on 5 tickets for the Christmas Village event for today. We got there before 6 and the lines were absolutely terrible. There was no order whatsoever.

We couldn't even go inside due to all this and ended up spending R300 just to spend hours in a line and ended up to go home WITHOUT even entering the event! We are a struggling family who merely wanted to enjoy a night out together and it was very unpleasant.

We are very disgusted. We have supported emperors palace for many years and we've never had such an issue. I honestly feel like reporting this issue on Hello pieter and social media. And best of all We had to drive far out to get there aswell. We had a 9month old baby with us.. what the hell guys.

I want a refund for my family OR I want our tickets rescheduled for during the week with PROPER service please. This is absolutely unacceptable to say the least.
Incident date: 16 December 2023
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