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Edgars - Paid up letter

No resolution
Nomvisiswano filed the complaint
3 November 2023
I phone Edgars head office regarding the account, l used to have with them but they didn't help me they tell me l must send a email and request a paid up letter, and when l send the email the automatic response give me the same details that l used before to contact the head office l didn't get any help and am left confused now l don't know who to call regarding this issue.
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Incident date: 3 November 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
18 November 2023

I have Edgars account when l ask Edgars to check the account for me they told me they can't find the account and now I'm struggling to get paid up letter from them l need it to submit at debt review they keep on giving me numbers to call and emails but still I'm not getting any help l even phone head office regarding the account no help.