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DSV - Poor rood delivery service

No resolution
Wanay filed the complaint
19 October 2021 (edited on20 December 2021)
Hi my name is Wanay Florence I was just so dissapointed in the delivery guy from DSV that was supposed to deliver my package from MTN as he called me about 12:35 and I told him I'm at work he told me he will call again to estimate time for delivery at my work place I waited and waited I came home early from work and called him about 16:07 to tell him I'm at home he can I did msg him past 3 but he didn't reply. he had a very rood attitude and said he won't deliver .my parcel Wil go back to DSV and they will call me next week to arrange another date so I pleaded with him to pls deliver as I know Mounties works till 18:00 and he told me he won't ..I can't understand, I called DSV last week Friday to ask when delivery will be made amd the estimate time and the lady told me on the 19th today and that the courier guy will call me before he delivers and I can make arrangements with him where to deliver, thats when I though ill do that when he called as my delivery was at my residence so I came home early from work and called him but he refused to deliver my package I'm so dissapointed in the service..Now I must wait another week or so til DSV will call me to make arrangements for delivery to be made at my place of work where the driver could've just took my work address as I'm only 5 minutes from where I live.. even so I went home early but he still refused to deliver my parcel at home..I have delt with DSV before I had great service my parcel was delivered to me 17:30 that's how n know Mounties works till 18:00.i think it's just the driver that's usually the person that puts the company in a bad light with their rood behaviour..what will happen if my parcel gets sent back to joburg due to the delivery guy that is so rood ..I would really appreciate feedback ..
Incident date: 19 October 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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