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DSV - Poor customer service

No resolution
Roston filed the complaint
10 December 2020
To whom it may concern:

I took up a post-paid phone from MTN two weeks ago, they advised me that DSV Mounties will deliver the package for me when it’s best suitable.
The package was dispatched yesterday and said to be arriving to me between 12pm - 3pm.

The driver (Emmanuel Naidoo) called me at 12:20 pm to ask me where exactly I am situated, he then replied and said he will be there shortly.

He calls me a few minutes later and asks me if I could meet him at the guard’s room in the front of my work place because he is in a rush to deliver other parcels, when I had told him that it would not be possible to come there and he should instead come to my office. He then with an angry tone said NO I will leave you for last after I am done with all of my other deliveries which I felt was very out of line and poor customer service.

He then calls me at after 3pm to tell me that he would not be coming to me anytime soon because he has a breakdown and he will call me soon to let me know if he can make it. After myself using my work line to contact DSV offices which I was back and forth with Manager (Kirsten Govender) he then delivered the package after 4pm with a very arrogant behavior and was in a rush since arriving to deliver the phone, and clearly said by the driver which I quote "I don't really care who you phone and what complaint you make". Which again I felt was very poor CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

I would like to share my thoughts on the incident. It is not like DSV Mounties is delivering free goods to people, we pay for this and this is how customers must be treated?

I would appreciate feedback on the above and what action will be taken to reassure DSV puts customers first!!

Feel free to give me a call at any time.
Thank you

Roston Pillay
Incident date: 10 December 2020
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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