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DSV - Failure to deliver on the assigned day and time

Calvin James Chester Londt
Calvin Londt filed the complaint
16 November 2021
I was phoned at 10:30am yesterday about the delivery of my parcel and they gave me the option to have it delivered today, so I opted to have the parcel delivered today between 8:00-11:00 as they had indicated. They confirmed the delivery address with me and informed me that it would be delivered within the given times.
Shortly after 11:00 I called them to ask where the package was, and I was told that the parcel was only received by them this morning and was not even loaded on the truck for delivery.
I had to forfeit a day of work for the incompetence of whoever informed me that the card would be delivered today, because I needed to arrange to be home for the delivery in the morning.
The lady I spoke to today to follow up seemed very helpful and informed me it will now be delivered on Thursday, but I have lost my trust in this company now so I have my doubts whether I will actually receive my parcel, if given the choice I will not be using them from now on.
I have sent parcels with DSV in the past which went missing, which could be an honest mistake, but now I'm certain I won't use them again.
Incident date: 16 November 2021
This complaint was considered resolved.
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