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DSV - Dsv refusal to deliver a bank card

No resolution
Warren Munro
Warren Munro filed the complaint
4 May 2021
I opened a MYMOBIZ business bank account with Standard bank on 22 April 2021.
It is now 04 May 2021 and DSV couriers still refuse to hand over the bank card to me.

The excuse last week on 28 April 2021, when I contacted them telephonically, was that I failed to pass their so-called security test which consisted of requesting my ID number and cell phone.

I submitted my identity number correctly, however the cell phone they allegedly have on record was not the cell number that I submitted to them as part of the security check over the phone.

I went into Standard bank at the Glen the following day and submitted proof of address to them as well as my correct cell number.

On Friday afternoon 30 April 2021 I received a call from Standard Bank and I was advised by the lady who called me, that all my details had been rectified and that DSV courier had been informed .

I telephoned DSV couriers this morning and I was once again advised by them that my details were not updated and that they would escalate the matter . I was further told that he escalation would take another three days to resolve.

This type of service from Standard bank and DSV couriers is disgusting.
My business is effected as I cannot trade with my company business account due to unnecessary red tape enforced by DSV couriers and Standard bank
I even offered to go to the premises' of DSV with my ID card and I was told that I may not enter there premises. What a terrible disgusting service.
Incident date: 4 May 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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