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DSV - Disappeared parcel no one cares

No resolution
PriscillaFaba Faba
PriscillaFaba Faba filed the complaint
15 December 2021
lost parcel by DSV PAKAD0098048
I send my clients their products on the 9th of December 2021 within gauteng and they received most of their products except one client in soweto. I finally called their customer center 7:45 am 15 December and I was told it's still in soweto and that it will get delivered today ( 15Dec) it's 22:55 I confirmed with my client that she still didn't receive her product. PAKAD**********8 I send it here diepkloof address: 6449 Makhura Drive Diepkloof Zone 4 1862 I'm now convinced that my parcel is lost and DSV is ****py courier. no one answers my complain from their lockers emails and customer email. Nobody cares ...think twice before using this company *DSV Locker* Email: *********** Phone: ********** *DSV Courier* Email: *********** Phone: **********
Incident date: 9 December 2021
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