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DSV - Courier service is useless to the core

No resolution
Mohamedh Rapjapji
Mohamedh Rapjapji filed the complaint
18 July 2022
A useless driver from DSV Courier Services came to deliver my Nedbank Debit Card which was supposed to be received by brother as a registered 3rd party as per agreed. The useless driver met my brother and made him sign for the parcel and verified his ID and then asked for my ID copies after they were sent him he drove away with the parcel which was already signed. After calling his superiors who were also as useless and made me hold on the line for over 50 minutes after only to come back and said their useless driver is not answering their call yet he was reading my messages on his WhatsApp. After calling my Bank and informed them of this stinking customer service experienced,they still did not call me back. DSV Courier is a scam and I hate it!
Incident date: 18 July 2022
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