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DSV - Cellphone not delivered

No resolution
Sharlene filed the complaint
20 August 2023
I had a terrible experience 18/8/23 with a delivery I was expecting, which I didnt receive anyway. I 1st was asked to leave my workplace and meet the driver in the parking lot. When I went out he was not there. After 10 minutes I went back to my office and phoned the driver to say he was not there and gave him instructions as to where in the building to deliver the parcel. An hour and a half later I phoned him again as my parcel was still not delivered. He told he he doesnt have time as he has other deliveries to do. He told me that he doesn't know when my parcel will be delivered and told me that he took a photo as proof that he was at the delivery address and hung up on me. He did not answer any of my calls I made after he hung up. This is unacceptable behavior as we use DSV regularly for deliveries at our practice.

I had to phone DSV and spend a half an hour to reschedule the delivery which was rescheduled to 19/8/23 @ 11h00. I received a sms at 16h20 on 19/8/23 saying the driver is on his way and now @ 18h25, 2 hours later still no delivery!!! This is really not good Customer service received.
Incident date: 19 August 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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