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DSV - Appalling customer service

No resolution
Danica Bornman
Danica Bornman filed the complaint
17 April 2024
The WORST customer service I have ever experienced. I am not surprised at the 1.6 Google review rating that DSV have. but it should be at least -20.Delivery arranged for 5 days. Delivery failed for 5 days!! You are not able to speak to anyone in a management position and hold on for their call centre for hours!!!! appointments booked for days that they do not have a driver in that specific area, appointments cancelled in the morning by DSV because of a problem with their biometrics system. Client not phoned to advise that the sim card will not be delivered no client just left to wait from 1pm to 5pm in vain for a driver that will not arrive. Reported to Operations Manager - his solution - refer the query to MTN. What in the world can MTN do if the parcel is with DSV for delivery. On the day that they have no driver in the specific area it is confirmed TWICE telephonically that the driver will deliver. It is actually laughable. Totla and utter incompetence
Incident date: 17 April 2024
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