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DStv - Poor services

No resolution
Eugenie Perumal
Eugenie Perumal filed the complaint
25 January 2024
I had applied for the price log contract with DSTV, following some technical issues with my old decoders. I was told about this price log offer by a consultant who was assisting me with my technical issues. I was told that I would be given a new decoder and one of my old decoders could be used as a secondary decoder. I then went ahead to do the application with another consultant from the price log department. She confirmed the same thing, that my old decoder could be used as a secondary decoder. When the installer arrived to install my order, they told me that my old decoder could not be used as it will not be compatible with the new decoder. I then called DSTV immediately. After explaining the issue, the consultant put me on hold and spoke to a manager. When she came back on the line, the consultant told me that the manager said I should go ahead with the installation of the one decoder. They will listen to all the phone recordings and get back to me with feedback. The next day I had to call on several occasions as I was not getting any feedback. I eventually managed to speak to a manager. She spoke to another senior manager, and they said the only thing they could do to me is cancel the contract and take back the decoder. I asked if I could not be given another decoder instead, as the installation was already in place. She told me that they cannot do that. If they give me another decoder I’m going to have to pay. I said none of this was my fault. Why put me through the inconvenience of deinstallation when they can just give me another decoder. She refused. I said I’m going to report them to the Ombudsman. She did not care. When I called back to go to the price log department, the consultant at Customer Services told me that she cannot put me through. I had told her I wanted a proper email address for that department, as I am lodging a complaint. She refused to put me through. She said because I am lodging a complaint, she cannot put me through. She gave me an email address that does not work.
Incident date: 25 January 2024
Eugenie Perumal
Eugenie Perumal rated the brand
15 March 2024

It was only after my complaint reached the Ombudsman that I received respectful responses from DSTV. The CEO’s office began liaising with me, and that’s only when my complaint was resolved. Before that I had received a very negative approach, and was forced to go to the Ombudsman.

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