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DStv - I want my refund ,you have a very bad service

No resolution
Tumelo filed the complaint
10 December 2023
I have realized that I am paying subscription fee on my extra view decoder. I have 2 packages with Dstv and I have downgraded both packages,to my surprise the monthly subscription fees when Dstv put in their add ons ,it still equates to the money that I was paying before downgrading. I ladies a complaint multichoice to explain to me and clarify my monthly statements as I did not understand all the monies are added on my statement what was all those amounts for,only to be cut off on the phone by an agent after holding on for so few minutes.

Dstv I want all my monies to be refunded and I have since waiting for you to investigate and revert back to me. So I'm still waiting. So now I am going to force you to communicate with me. I am taking the relevant steps further. We are not in a lawlessness country whereas you can take monies from your customers as ans when you want and on top of that give a bad service. So Multichoice I have ran pit of patience. I want all the extra monies I have been paying to all be refunded to me. You robbed me because I wasn't checking my statements thoroughly each amd every month. So this month's bill made me peruse all my other statements and I picked up that I was paying subscription for 3 decoders all this while. Thank you for your bad service of refusing to assist me because I was not going to be able to pick up that I was robbed by you. All those other add ons monies and the reason why I am paying a monthly subscription fee on my extra view ,you will explain to me forcefully because I am taking this matter foward to force you to explain to me and refund my money. I have had it with you amd your toxic customer service. You are a service provider that causes stress and frustration to many of your customers.
Incident date: 10 December 2023
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