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DStv - Dstv has debited my account but now they saying i have not paid

No resolution
Cassius Cashy Lovelorn
Cassius Lovelorn filed the complaint
7 March 2024
Came home to watch TV . When I got home my DStv is off, tried calling them they telling me about paying R800 and something of which my debit order went off on the 29 of February. Normal debit order . I called customer care and the lady made me wait for more than 30 minutes while she told me she is going to get the supervisor. Had to call again as my airtime was getting wasted and not sure if the girl is still coming back or not after that 30 minutes. Had to call again and asked to be transferred to the supervisor straight. The lady helped and told me to wait for minutes he is switching it on as she can see the was a mistake done as she can see I have paid my account up to date . I switch on my TV after a while still offline . Tried to call them again and now they off and I must call in the morning ..
Incident date: 7 March 2024
Cassius Lovelorn
21 March 2024
I don't want anything to do with DStv anymore all they know is to say they have resolved my query but when I get home nothing is resolved. I have called everyday for the last 10 days using R160 with of airtime holding for 2 - 3 hours everyday . They can't even call you back everytime they say they will get back to you, you have to call them back and everytime you call you have to start again explaining everything from the beginning as you get a new consultant everytime you call, they don't have notes on the query or updates on your profile , you have to explain your story everytime you call . That's the most irritating part ... I sent my back statement almost everytime when I call even when I try via WhatsApp still the same and those are worse because after explaining for hours they'll tell you to call as they don't have authorisation to open accounts.. am done with DStv
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