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Dis-Chem Pharmacies - We were dispensed expired schedule 6 medication on two accusations

No resolution
Everard smith
Everard smith filed the complaint
31 October 2021 (edited on20 December 2021)
My partner and I purchased schedule 6 prescribed medication which was 8 months expired on two occasions from Dischem. The medication made us ill and we read up that not taking this medication is the same as a diabetic not getting their insulin which tells us that it was a very dangerous expired medication that was given to us. It is our personal opinion that Dischem dispensed us the expired medication for financial gain as the evidence we have shows. After we reported this to Dischem all they wanted was the expired medication from us which is the evidence of the crime they committed, they also showed no remorse for what they did. When we told Dischem that we were going to warn the public about this they threatened to sue us. They told us that they wanted to come to a amicable agreement out of court to settle this matter. Now we are just being ignored by them which has become very frustrating to us. Dischem broke the law and they don't what to take responsibility for it. We cancelled our legal representatives after we were told that this matter would be settled amicably just to get a call from Dischems attorney that we need to get a attorney again, the third one. Apparently their attorney billed Dischem over R40 000 just to send us four e-mails and said that he just wishes to get our file off his desk .Now we are being ignored by him and nothing is being done to resolve this matter. We would like to warn the public to double check the expiration dates on all medication bought from Dischem. We would also like someone from Dischem to contact us to get this matter resolved. It is an absolute disgrace the way we have been treated by Dischem, we are the victims and they broke the law.
Incident date: 29 October 2021
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