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Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Bad customer service

No resolution
Senamile filed the complaint
24 July 2022
I went to discherm pharmacy yesterday in witbank highveld mall to get medicine for my son but I got out being angry and not getting my prescription. I went to the pharmacy got my medicine when I went to the tellers the transaction went from my side it notified me , so the cashier I was with called his manager,manager answered in a very polite manner I had no problem with that , the front staff was trying to help until a lady named pebesti mokoena came she came with an attitude whilst they were still trying to explain to her what was happening he came with an attitude talking already that I will not be assisted that alone did not sit well with me but I tried to reason with her , she 1stly spoke with me with her hands in her pockets and after she started point and raising her voice at me , I was frustrated already needed medicine for my son as an emergency rather than her trying to defuse the situation she went up , discherm staff meaning are not professional and I went to see her name on the name tag she flaunted her name tag with an attitude, what doese this mean that highveld mall staff knows that they can disrespect customers and nothing will be done about because the attitude she gave showed that she cared less about what was happening there ? Discherm is also a clinic with such staff I dnt think our lives are safe discherm staff can kill us with heart attack with their attitude, her attitude said you can report me I know nothing will happen, I urge serious actions be taken , we not saying customers are always right but staff must be taught how to handle customers with their frustrations and sadly the African race ppl have the tendency to victimise other African people and talk to them any how , the store manager is a white men he answered us politely then pebesti came and changed everything, I went to clicks after very same problem occurred the ladies there urged me to withdraw and take the meds I needed pebesti has an attitude problem she doesn’t solve it’s her way or the high way the lady is rude I urge serious action be taken let not staff get too comfortable with disrespecting customers cause it’s as if they know they will get away with murder
Incident date: 24 July 2022
Senamile rated the brand
12 September 2022

That is why discherm customer service is bad cause they know discherm does not take complaints seriously

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