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Department Of Transport - Rossburgh Test Station - Inefficient service provided

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Simmi Komul
Simmi Komul filed the complaint
22 July 2023
I have made 3 visits to Rossburgh Test Station to have my drivers license renewal attended to. On the first visit I was told that they experienced issues with their printer presuming the test Station has just 1 printer available and they were successful in resolving their printer issue but are too busy so they have closed the renewals for the day. This being at 10h20am on a Monday morning. My second visit was the Thursday of the same week only to be turned away once more because the officials did not equip me with the correct information about all documents required. I was advised to visit the centre on either a Saturday or Sunday as it would be quieter and without delays. I heeded their advice and proceeded to visit the test station on Saturday morning at 9h45am. As I approach the entrance the security guard advised that the test Station was closed. I asked to see any available staff member and was directed to the officers present. I spoke to one of the officers whom advised me that they had decided not to open the Station due to issues they had experienced the previous day. My driving license expiring date is fast approaching and have been continuously left in the learch with no one to assist me. The general attitude is one of disinterest. How long are we as members of the public meant to tolerate the lack of service delivery by government departments? Are there qoverning bodies that oversee these departments? Does anybody care about assisting the public whom are paying for these services yet are treated by these officials as if they are doing us a favor! As a tax paying citizen and someone who contributes toward the success of this country I am dissatisfied with the lack of assistance.
Incident date: 22 July 2023
Simmi Komul
Simmi Komul rated the brand
24 August 2023

I eventually visited Rossburgh test Station for the 4th time and spent most of the day there to apply for my license renewal. Pity I have to visit them again in a month and a half to collect my licence. Disappointed

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