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City Power - No power since the month of august

No resolution
Amina filed the complaint
29 December 2021
Good day since last year 2020 I have logged to city power that my box where I buy electricity is not working they logged a ticket and sent a sms and saying it was resolved but was actually not .That's still a small problem because the real issue I am about to complain about is disgraceful.
Since July there has been no power at my house city power only attended to that issue 4 weeks later so I went without power for a whole 4 weeks when they did decide to come after many calls and tickets logged they said that they can not see where the problem is and that they would have to book some machine to check as they are unable to dig the machine would take another week before it could get approval another 4 weeks passed and this is in winter I went to the branches the managers could not assist me . After another 3 and a half weeks I than complained to my community chairman they than came to put in a temporary connection after two weeks and since than no one has come to fix the actual problem I kept calling the person who booked the machine and put in the temp he even stopped responding to my calls in early December I logged another ticket to remind them that they still did not fix the actual problem they said they would send someone and no one was sent to this day again even the temp connection is not working and I am without power . Please I stay alone with my husband who is not well and my grandson I do not know what else to do .
Incident date: 31 July 2021
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