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City Power - Electrical issue

No resolution
Puleng Sekonyela
Puleng Sekonyela filed the complaint
29 November 2021
I have been logging the above incidents or calls with city power from August to date and every time I logged the calls they get closed within an hour with them being resolved. I have explained over and over again that someone tried to temper with the electricity cables on the pole that feeds us electricity near my house and the main box on the pole is wide open after it they tried to temper with it which is now danger to kids now that it is heavily raining. Can city power send their maintenance guys to resolve this issue before it causes danger that could have been avoided.

This issue is escalating everyday, this morning it looks like someone was trying to steal the cables and clamps in the same box and my concern now is that if the cables are stolen, it will impact us in a way that we end up not having electricity connection. Can I request that this matter get resolved ASAP
Incident date: 29 November 2021
Puleng Sekonyela
Puleng Sekonyela rated the brand
17 January 2022

The matter has only been resolved today after I had been following up since last year August

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