City of Matlosana Local Municipality
City of Matlosana Local Municipality
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City of Matlosana Local Municipality - Electricity account, sewerage complaint, streetlights complaint

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Willem Dupper
Willem Dupper filed the complaint
17 August 2023
2 october 2021 i moved into the house that i bought from my sister. i took a photo of the electricity reading the day i moved in. went to municipality to switch account to my name. well done got the paper that electricity is on my name. ask the person if there is anything else i must do and the reply was no, we will send someone to verify the reading. till today 17 august 2023 no one was there to verify any readings. so, from there i sit with the problem that my account is not solved at all. in the beginning thy put my readings on the previous account holders account and nothing on my account and it go on and on till now. i can show how many mails that i have send to people at municipality of the problem that i have and no replies from anyone i went to them with copies of all my readings and i even put a copy of each reading from the start with each account and calculate the units that have been used. the person at help desk told me no he only wants the first reading and one of the days that ive been there. he informed me that i sent a reading last on february 2023. i told him that cannot be correct, and he show me on the system. so, i show him on my delivered items on my mail that i received a message from the contractors that do the readings that i did sent it. after I've been there suddenly the next account have a reading on it, so i wonder to myself, where would they get the reading now from suddenly. and i did check the reading and see that there was happily a reading that i took like it was on the account. Now suddenly the last account that i received again do not have any readings on. so how possible can that be. i wonder how this municipality pass their audits. it is impossible to pass audits with so many people complaining about the same situation that i got with them. i was on one stage paid in advance over 18000,00 rand. so still, they could not solve my account. i stop to pay because where is my money going to then. they even still owe the previous account holder over 7000 units of electricity because when i moved in the house and took the reading i checked it on the previous owners account and calculate it and find the difference of that number of units. i did tell the person at help desk first to solve the previous owners account and then maybe they will find the solution to solve my account. so now on the end of the day when they maybe over another 200 years or more solve my account i will be far arrear with my payments and then they will switch of my electricity because they could not do their work. so let me see if i get any help after this complaint witch i really doubt will be the case. also, i report streetlights that is never working at the municipality, nothing happens. on 10 august 2024 i went again to the municipality to the sewer department and report drains that is blocked, the lady registers it on the system and told me they will come the same day or the next day. nothing happens, no one come. on 16 august 2024 i phone their office and for a wonder they answer the phone and i told her that no one came out for the drains. by sounding very surprised and ask me am i sure is there someone at home the whole day. by replying yes, she told me that she would follow up with them. also till now no one came out. same with the streetlights. so, we pay for services that is increased but still no service is delivered to us. i really want to see if i will get any feedback. if i do i believe we will have a great raining season. thank you. have a great day. blessings
Incident date: 17 August 2023
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